Having Your Child Baptised

From the very beginning, the Church has always baptised children as well as adults. Our Lord said: “Unless a person is reborn in water and the Holy Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

Children are precious to Jesus. He loves them dearly. He wants to save them by giving his blessings to them as they grow up in the spiritual family he began, the Church.

We experience the Church and belong to the Church in our local parish. It is there that we gather to worship God and to learn together about the ways of God. Therefore baptism takes place in our parish Church, for it is there that the parish family gather.

When a child is baptised by the Church, Jesus baptises that child. He sends the Holy Spirit into the child and makes them a child of God by cleansing from original sin and giving the child the new life of God.

The word ‘baptism’ means washing, or cleansing, in water. It comes from the Greek language. In the Church, baptism does not mean just ordinary washing or bathing with water but has a spiritual meaning. Baptism always means the washing with water that has the spiritual meaning given to it by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

See the details below for our 2023 programme or contact the Parish Office for information on how to have your child baptised in the Selwyn Parish.

2024 Programme

The next Baptism Preparation Meeting for parents wishing to have a child baptised will be on  Mondays 26 February & 4 March, 7.00pm- 8.15pm in St Patrick’s Church Centre, Lincoln.

Parents can attend the 2 Meetings before the baby is born.
At the conclusion of the programme a date is set for the celebration of Baptism. Contact the Parish Office with any enquiries.