The Catechism in a Year with Fr Mike Schmitz

Brought to you by Ascension Press The Catechism in a Year with Fr Mike Schmitz is a podcast, similar to the Bible in a Year, to help you to understand what it means to be Catholic and allow those truths to shape your life.  The podcast will help is understand the essentials of our faith […]

My Catholic Life

My Catholic Life presents the  Catholic faith in an accessible  and practical way.   With daily reflections, Q&A, online books, prayers, inspiring quotes and more, these free resources assist you on your journey of personal conversion!

Exploring Faith

The Exploring Faith website contains a range of video resources to help you in your faith journey: videos exploring the basic teachings of Christianity videos to help you grow in faith videos explaining why and how we can share our faith with others

Catholic Discovery

The NZ Catholic Discovery website aims to provide an understanding of how faith and spirituality help in your journey. It is a resource to explore the Catholic faith, while learning new things about ourselves and about our world.

Cool Catholics

Cool Catholics is a website with many different resources (articles, homilies, prayers etc) to help develop your understanding of the Catholic faith.


Ascension Press offer a range of videos, podcasts and articles to help you encounter God and grow in understanding of your faith. While the site offers formation programmes and items that can be purchased, the Ascension Presents section has a number of  links to resources including Fr Mike Schmitz’s ‘Bible in a Year’

Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers is the world’s largest database of answers about the beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith. Learn more about Catholicism through articles, books, videos and more.

Food for Faith

Food for Faith offers reflections and gospel content on a range of themes with practical ways we can enrich our journey in the Catholic faith.

Word on Fire

Word on Fire is a Catholic media organization founded by Bishop Robert Barron that uses digital and traditional media to introduce Catholicism to the broader world.   It rose to prominence through Barron’s work as a priest engaging with new media. Word on Fire is a simple but powerful idea: spread the Good News of Jesus […]