The Sacrament of Holy Communion is the reception of Christ’s Body and Blood. This sacrament is the source of great graces that sanctify us and help us grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ. Catholics believe the Eucharist, or Communion, is both a sacrifice and a meal. We believe in the real presence of Jesus, who died for our sins. As we receive Christ’s Body and Blood, we also are nourished spiritually and brought closer to God.

The sacrament of Eucharist brings to completion the Christian process of initiation. In this sacrament we remember what Jesus did for us in his life, death and resurrection. We remember particularly the Last Supper, that final meal Jesus shared with his disciples. At that meal Jesus gave us the Eucharist so that we could remember him in a special way. When we receive Communion, we believe that we receive the person of Jesus into our very beings. We become one with him, and we become one with each other. As a community we become ‘the body of Christ’.  The Sunday Eucharist (Mass) is the highpoint of our worship as a parish.

Because the Eucharist is our great sign of unity as a community, one must be a Catholic to receive the Eucharist.  Catholic children usually make their First Holy Communion around the age of 7. They prepare for this in our parish.

When an adult is baptised, he or she normally makes their First Communion in the same ceremony as their baptism. Their preparation for this is usually through the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA).

The 2022 programme details are below or contact the Parish Office for information about the First Communion Sacramental Programme, or contact the FHC Coordinator Margaret.

2022 Programme

the 2022 First Holy Communion programme will commence with the first Parents Meeting on Sunday 6 February at 7:00pm in the St Patrick’s Parish Centre, Lincoln.

Children who have celebrated their 7th or 8th birthday are eligible. The programme is parish and family based with 5 parents meetings and 12 worksheets to be completed by the children.

First Holy Communion will be celebrated in Lincoln on Saturday 11 June at 4pm, followed by afternoon tea in the parish centre.

First Holy Communion will be celebrated in Darfield on Sunday 19 June at 9am, followed by morning tea in the parish centre.

Contact the Parish Office or FHC Coordinator Margaret  to enrol or if you have any enquiries.