Pope Francis has made it clear he expects the Church, on every level, to implement whatever steps are necessary to ensure the protection of minors and vulnerable adults and to respond to their needs with fairness and mercy.

Creating safe environments involves active participation and responsibility taken by all parishes.  It requires collaboration, vigilance and a proactive approach through policies, procedures and practices.

The Diocesan Safeguarding website [ https://www.cdocsafeguarding.nz/ ] has information for volunteers on roles and safeguarding expectations, as well as information on the responsibility we all hold towards maintaining a safe church for everyone.

The Selwyn Parish Safeguarding Lead is Janet.

The Church takes all complaints of abuse seriously.

Complaints of sexual abuse against church personnel in New Zealand are referred to the National Office of Professional Standards.

Increased publicity can be the catalyst for people to come forward. We encourage anyone who has been abused by a priest or religious to contact National Office of Professional Standards for your story to be heard and your complaint to be investigated.

Alternately you may choose to go directly to the Police, and the Church will support anyone who requires assistance to do this.